Christmas Trees

Christmas trees

FROM NOVEMBER 24th, 2022: OPEN 9am-5pm EVERY DAY


The Christmas Trees for sale in our Christmas Barn are Hampshire grown premium quality Nordmann Fir (needle retaining) and Norway Spruce (conventional).

These Christmas Trees are not harvested until the second half of November, making them truly fresh so that your tree will look good for the whole Christmas season, the spruce being the very last to be harvested.

We display the trees in stands for you to have a good look all round them and so choose the perfect tree for your Christmas. If we haven’t got the exact one that you want on display just ask and we will show you more!

Both Norway Spruce (old fashioned) and Nordman Fir (‘non-drop’) are stocked in varying sizes from approximately 3 feet (90 cm) to 12 feet (3.5m) tall, and taller trees are available on request.

We have a selection of simple and robust stands that will make displaying your tree easy, stable (even if the cat runs up it, like ours have done) and simple to keep watered.

Christmas Trees are rewrapped for your convenience and local delivery is available for a nominal charge.We also have a small stock of smaller pot grown trees. Just ask, if this is something that you would like.



Trees will be displayed in groups by size for you to choose from.

You will be given an identifying ticket from your tree to take to the payment area and you will be reunited with your re-netted tree in the car park on production of your ticket.

Card payments are preferred to reduce handling of cash between customers and staff,especially this year in these Covid times.



Lit TreeHartley Wintney Christmas Barn 300Trees are a living product and, like flowers, need care to keep them fresh. They will last longest in prime condition if they are kept cooler.

We recommend that when you get your tree home you keep it in the cool, outside or in a garage if that is possible, stood in water until you want to bring it inside to deccorate and enjoy.
When you bring it inside keep it in a stand that can hold water and keep the water topped up.

When chosing where to put it in your home try to chose a spot that is away from direct heat if at all possible - i.e. not close to radiators, fires, wood stoves etc.
By a window is often a cooler spot if there isn't a radiator that has to be left on.
If your home has under floor heating use a spot in as cool an area as possible.

Tree lights, even LED ones, will 'heat' your tree and so putting the light on for those times when you do want it lit for your enjoyment, rather than all the time, can help keep its good looks.

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